Ice wine tasting

       Drinking:ice wine with dessert is best used to rank and file. Shannon best suited to individual taste of ice wine, afternoon tea time or after a meal to a cup, you can directly as soft drinks. Ice wine is usually quite thick, it is best not to drink too much time, each component is also not too much of the cup, ice ideal drinking temperature is 14 degrees, 7 degrees Celsius was also suggested that the most appropriate wine temperature can be reduced sweet ice wine, It will not be too much ice, enough enchanting bouquet. Fresh open bottle of ice wine, and not as a general immediately stale wine, drink endless, from the cork back into the refrigerator seal, you can save more than a week.

        Identification:sweet ice wine has high acidity wonderful, delicious balance can drink alone or with fresh fruit, fresh cheese, peach cheesecake, unsweetened fruit pies or cakes Jieke deliciously match. Ice on the table to be refrigerated at temperatures of 4 ℃ -10 ℃, before drinking frozen into the ice bucket fifteen minutes. Before tasting, forbidden to eat spicy, with mint and chocolate flavor dishes, after opening to wait ten minutes, so long sealed ice and the full integration of air, and then into the cup. Mellow and unique ice wine is its soothing, so be sure to ice wine drinking fine chemicals slow drink, not as drained as other drink wine, but the wine must be put into the glass slowly to observe its color, then glass slowly rotated stably draw an arc, so that the wine more exposure to the air, took his wine, then sipped, savoring its taste.

        Specifically, the ice wine tasting in three steps: First Look: First Look Icewine and color purity, concentration and judgment ice wine age; gently shaking the glass, according to the wine in the glass wall of the Indian left, watching the ice wine alcohol and sugar content. Two smell: smell before shaking the glass, then slowly shake to ensure fragrance gradually comes out. Three taste: rich and memorable icewine unique taste and aroma, taste evaluation by ice wine alcohol content, sugar content, acidity and balanced content of the various components; once the ice entrance to activities cheeks, tongue and take a deep breath, so easy Icewine components play in the dissemination of the mouth, through the nose and throat spread, so that sensory organs are able to enjoy the wonderful feeling of ice wine. White ice wine and women golden, refreshing wine quality, refreshing taste, should be cold, depending on the specific temperature depending on the quality of wine, about 4-10 ℃ is appropriate, too low temperature will affect the volatilization of wine. Ice wine was red wine, mellow wine quality, taste Meaningful, suitable for drinking at room temperature, typically between 12-18 ℃; Icewine years longer suitable temperature is higher.

        Icewine with:turkey is certainly doing my first card, gingerbread pudding for dessert is the traditional practices in Europe and America and other countries, but the traditional Christmas turkey and other ingredients such as purchase restrictions, more urban white-collar workers with the flexibility to choose freely . A black pepper sirloin steak, omelettes and Italy coupled with single-sided butterfly powder, vanilla ice cream for dessert, a bottle of rendering festive atmosphere on the ice last matched, lavish personalized mix of Western, and indeed more creative fresh. As best feeling festive props, a good Christmas liquor is the most indispensable. With the evolution of the traditional, more modern white-collar workers began to choose more rare ice wine to match their own annual Christmas dinner. Icewine can be used with almost any dish. But in the West, people are still accustomed to the dessert with ice. Blueberry cheese, foie gras is its best match. On the table at temperatures 4 ℃ -10 ℃ cold storage, before drinking frozen into the ice bucket fifteen minutes. If we add fresh fruit, chocolate and other people taste, taste will be more wonderful mellow.

        Nutritional benefits:100% grape juice brewed ice wine, not only delicious, but also very rich in nutritional value, which is any other alcoholic beverage can not match. Icewine generally contains 15% -25% of easily absorbed glucose and fructose, containing various organic acids 0.3% -1.5%, various minerals 0.3% to 0.5%, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium and other trace elements, can be directly absorbed by the body. Selenium is an immune system enhancer, is also a good anti-cancer, anti-cancer trace elements. Icewine, the content of zinc and selenium moderate, in line with the body's needs. It contains B vitamins, vitamin C, etc., can maintain normal metabolism of the human body, life and health is essential. In addition, ice wine also contains amino acids required for human metabolism, red ice wine in polyphenols can dilate blood vessels, the blood vessel wall to maintain flexibility, increase capillary dilation force, killing bacteria or germs. Iced wine is not only disinfection dredging diuretic effect, but also can lower blood pressure, has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of myocardial infarction.

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