Huan Ren Senpatina Icewine Manor Introduction

     "Speaking the truth, to do honest people, honest to do business, to do an honest product, a hundred years brand management, keep its commitment to a hundred years!" This is ice wine estate Ltd. Huan Ren Senpatina all employees a common voice.

    Huan Ren Senpatina ice wine estate, located at latitude 41 degrees Huanren Manchu Autonomous County in Liaoning Province, is located in a beautiful Huan Lake Road from Huan Long Lake 2 km, manor surrounded by mountains, clear water, fresh air, landscape beauty is the best ice wine brewing Feng Shui.

    Huan Ren Senpatina Icewine manor always adhere to the "production, learning and research," the road of development, adhere to the "Science and Innovation." Manor with China Agricultural University to start work together to develop "a height sourdough aroma characteristics of activity and productivity outstanding ice wine yeast", was awarded two patents, and reached the advanced world, to fill the gap. Currently the estate began to try the country's first organic grape ice rain cultivation, it has been noticed. 2013 began planting the standard of green grapes ice, frozen piece to harvest, and from the beginning the ice grape juice after pressing, then enter the full oxygen barrier protection, until filling. Supplemented by a number of high-tech, from the fundamental solution to the long period of ice wine fermentation, can not be suppressed, and high volatile acid is easily oxidized and other technical problems, to achieve a historic breakthrough. In addition, the estate also took the lead Sipadina Icewine Icewine implement quality grading management system and carry out "Huanren ice wine origin certification" logo, truly a quality bottle of one yard retrospective Sipadinuo ice products, from the source to ensure product quality and its image.

    Grape raw material base for the ice, ice wine estate Huan Ren Senpatina take "own garden + Portugal signed base" of cooperation, starting with its own 600 acres of ice grape planting base to carry out comprehensive reform, batch planted Vidal, Cabernet Franc, Riesling, small Munson, Merlot and other well-known brands brewed ice wine varieties. Ice grape planting base position selection stringent requirements, preferred conditions must be planted near the lake, away from the road, even crossing the job to protect the green, fresh organic ice grape growing environment. Currently, Huan Ren Senpatina ice manor planting base has been officially awarded the Ministry of Agriculture "national characteristic industry demonstration base"; Sipadinuo ice wine estates, China Agricultural University and Huanren Wine Industry Development Board jointly develop a detailed planting standards, "green ice viticulture operating standards", and regularly carry out base-site training sessions, according to the quality price, solve the farmers planting grapes green ice to worry about technical barriers and achieve green ice grape quality assurance at the same time, effectively increasing farmers actual income.

    Huan Ren Senpatina Icewine Manor focus on "Out" in the "spare internal strength" based on the beginning of creation still adhere to the "going out" strategy. Our products have been exported to Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Britain, France and other international markets. In addition, Huan Ren Senpatina ice wine estate is also actively into the colorful world-class professional events, with the same products from home and abroad will be competing on the same stage arts, and has repeatedly won the title. As in China Wine Challenge Collectibles unanimous approval from Germany, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, local wine and other professional judges, off gold; and in the International Wine Competition held in Korea in August 2015, and winning. " Asia's first ice wine "honor, becoming the only one to get special gold medal contest of Chinese wine, has been recognized by international professionals, refresh people's understanding of Chinese wine.

    In the Internet, Huan Ren Senpatina ice wine estate also cooperate with the CCTV network mall together to force online and offline, extensive promotion of high-quality ice wine estate products. Manor has also been officially included in the "Chinese Entrepreneur joint growth plans," CCTV "Chinese Business On See" column group to establish a cooperative partnership ......

    The birth of a high quality ice wine is a gift, but also man-made. Huan Ren Senpatina Icewine Manor adhere to the "good faith" in steady development, adhere to create "a hundred years the brand."

    Huan Ren Senpatina ice wine estate Ltd. uphold science and technology as a guide, the industry leading ice wine brewing technology, continuous research and development and innovation, and actively respond to three changes advocated by General Secretary Xi, truly made in China into China create, and then lay a solid foundation to consolidate national brands.

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