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Science and technology achievement appraisal:

Achievements Name: Vidal Production polyphenols research (Vidal) and ice wine

Identification form: Meeting

Identification Unit: People's Republic of China Ministry of Education

Identification Date: August 26, 2005

CONACYT system

August 26, 2005, the Ministry of Education organized by the China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the National Wine Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other experts appraisal committee consisting of 13 people, through a comparative study, the project identified Huanren County of Liaoning Province Vidal ice grape planting cultivation of suitable cultivation methods and key management model; in Huanren areas of Vidal ice grapes as raw material, through the clarification of fruit juice, yeast selection, fermentation control, clarification and filtration and other key aspects of a series of study, preferably a suitable Vidal ice grape fermenting yeast were determined appropriate Icewine juice clarification and clarification technology, using the appropriate method to terminate the fermentation and aging to enter in order to establish a suitable Vidal ice wine production process; With the above production technology to produce 9% -13% (VOL) ice wine, alcohol sensory quality of a golden yellow, clear and transparent, fruity, full-bodied, sweet and refreshing; using GC / SPME method of extracting Vidal ice wine aroma, and by GC / MS analysis, Vidal ice wine aroma isolated 59 kinds of aromatic components, and 34 kinds of the foregoing qualitative analysis, which mainly include esters, alcohols, acids and furans in aromatic ingredients; the establishment of ice wine phenolic acids, HPLC detection method more phenolic substances flavan-3-ol, flavonols, etc., this method of Vidal ice wine polyphenols systematic study found that high Long content acid, erucic acid and high levels of quercetin glycosides and EGCG is an important identifying feature Vidal ice wine, which initially identified polyphenols, Liaoning Province Huanren County Huan Long Lake Vidal ice wine production identification of substances characteristic factor. In summary, this study established title accurate and reasonable technical route, advanced research methods, innovative achievements outstanding product quality, overall reached the international advanced level, which for Vidal ice wine ice wine aroma research and identification of phenolic compounds research results characteristic factor of no relevant reports. Identification Committee agreed through the identification.

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