Nature Origin

Huanren as the advantages which several major ice wine producing region in the world:
1. Latitude 41 degrees north can ensure that at the appropriate time minus 8 ℃ cold environment, is the best ice wine grapes zone;
2.Temperate climate, annual rainfall of 800 to 900 mm, annual sunshine hours for 2381.6 hours, frost-free period is 142 days, is conducive to grape maturity;
3.The soil are mainly brown soil, meadow soil and paddy soil, acidic soil (PH value of 5.5 to 6.5), containing a large amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other organic matter, is suitable for grown of Vidal ice wine grape;
4.Planting area belonged Changbai Mountains, 380 meters above sea level, the slope of vineyard facing the sun, is very advantageous forming warm in summer but the temperature difference between day and night, winter is cold but not dry lake microclimate, especially in mid-December, with a full guarantee at minus 8 ℃ for grapes frozen under natural conditions over 24 hours , which is the advantage better than Canada's Niagara Lakes.

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